About me

My name is Swati Mall, i am currently studying Graduate Diploma in Marketing at UNITEC. I took a Bachelors Degree in Leather Designing from National Institute of Fashion Technology, India and after working for a couple of years in India i decided to move to New Zealand for my further studies. I am presently working with a an Australian based women retail brand Jacqui-e as a assistant store manager. Its a pretty new experience from having come from a designer background where one is always at the backend to the front end. I get to interact with all sorts of people, get to help them with their styling and in giving them the right advice on the choice of clothes they pick up. I also try and build a relationship with my customers this way.

One thing i am totally proud of is that even in the hardships, i always have a positive thinking and always keep a smile on my face and work towards the betterment without losing hope. I feel that taking the decision to come all the way to New Zealand and start with a new life from scratch is one of the good decisions i could take credit for, but theres still along way to go and a lot a lot to achieve.

I want to be known for my honesty , helpful nature and hard work. A person with a good design sense and great styling, so that i would be able to help more and more people and make my customers happy and cheerful.

Success to me would be having a healthy and prosperous life for myself and my family. It would also be giving my hundred percent in my work and achieving my goals.


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