The 7 Step Social Media Checklist For Writing A Winning Post


Before hitting the publish button or posting an update on the social media, what do you do?

Its very important to deliver your audience with utmost value and in return receive their maximum engagement. This article gives you super easy checklist to make your social media update become wildly successful, viral and be valuable.

The 7 Step Social Media Checklist

1. Is the message educational or entertaining?

The most valuable content on social media generally has one of the two components, its either educational or its entertaining.  Some of the questions that can be helpful to determine the educational/entertaining aspect of the your social media post are:

  • Is your content interesting enough that users pass it on and post about it?
  • Will anyone really care about this content besides me?
  • If you were to see this post in your social media timeline, would you pause to read or reshare
  • Does your post add value for the reader?

2. Is the voice correct?

Your social media content should have a consistency in its tone and voice. All your social media messages should be helpful, positive and actionable. The voice can also be determined by the words and pronouns you use, so one should always try to use language which is easy to understand. This would lead to others resharing your post.

3. Is it too long?

A lot of research has been done for the ideal length of online content. Following are the guidelines to make your posts most viewed and reshared.


4. Is the URL correct?

Couple of things to check in this part are :

  • Is the link accurate? Does it go to the right landing page?
  • Is the link appropriate for the message you trying to send out through your social media post?

You should always click on your links and see where they go before publishing your post.

5. Should I target a specific audience with this message?

Always think of the target audience your message better suited for. Is it intended for all your followers? Is it apt for only a small group or an individual?

Facebook allows audience customisation which lets you choose certain segments like friends, lists, or connection from a certain place, school, college, etc. You can send private message as well.


On the other hand in Twitter, you can just point your message to specific people by adding an @-mention in your tweet. You can also send private messages on your groups or to individuals , who follow you ans whom you follow back.

6. How many times have I already posted something today?

Lot have been researched on the social media frequency. Following are some guidelines which would help you with the volume of your social media posts:

  • Twitter – 3-5 times per day
  • Facebook – 2 times per day
  • LinkedIn – 1 time per day
  • Google+ – 3 times per day
  • Pinterest – 5 times per day
  • Instagram – 1 to 2 times per day

These are just the starting guidelines and after a while you would get to know whats the right frequency for your brand.

7. Did I spell check?

We all end up doing these mistakes at time.


Grammarly extension is one of the browser which would help you with a quick spell check.

The above steps can help you in writing the utmost quality social media posts and messages.

I would love to know which were the most helpful steps. Share with us your thoughts and feel free to comment!!

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