Tips for Effective Visual Content Marketing in the Fashion Retail Industry


We need to have more visuals in the content we share on social media in order to have higher engagement levels ,it also helps build viewers imagination and enables retail fashion brands to provide a great experience. This article will give us tips on how to create powerful visual content for our fashion brands and how to quickly connect with our viewers.

#1. Personalize your Message

Identify your audience, their problems and then showcase the special features of your products and services. Make sure you create visual content which cover specific themes for website personalisation, appealing to specific target markets and consider where they are in the sales funnel based on their actions and behaviours..

#2. Be Useful

Be a good listener, one can do that by listening to your customers FAQs, popular discussion topics and latest issues. Further to this you can provide visual content that shows your product addressing the issues and problems.

#3. Show the end result achieved by your Product or Service

Visual content like a screenshot of the end of the campaigns, reports or projects can be easily used to convince our audience and helping them make a purchasing decision. you can even ask your customers s to what they look for in your products and you can highlight those areas in your content for a better impact.

#4. Show how easy it is to use your Product or Service

You need to show to your audience how easy it is to use your product by putting live demos, video tutorials, landing page videos and screenshots of your products in  acton.

Topshop does a great job in showing your transition from day to night with these lightning-quick outfit from their brand.  Have a look at the video:

#5. Humanize your Content

Create visual content to show how your products fits into your customers’ life. Encourage your customers to share  image and videos of them using your product. Tap into them to show emotional branding. Your brand gets more credibility by all this.

#6. Craft a Story

Identify your end goa which you are trying to achieve with your content. Create a visual content of images or videos inspiring you viewers minds and the actions you want them to take. Build a personality for your brand and use social media to tell your brand’s story.

Dior differ from other brands in that they use social media as part of wider campaigns to tell stories about their vision for the brand and engage their customer’s imaginations. With over 5.5 million Twitter followers and counting, this storytelling strategy is clearly working for them.

#7. Leverage your Existing Content

Written content which are popular among your customers, you can adapt them into visual forms like images, videos, slides or Infographics. If your customers like a particular kind of visual content, then deliver more of it.

Have you tried visual content marketing for your brand yet? Share with us your thoughts and feel free to comment!!

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