Boost Your Social Media Engagement in 5 Easy Steps


If you want to increase your social media presence, you need to attract your target audience .This article tells you some steps to enhance your social media engagement. Social media is the best way to get your brand some visibility and a great audience, so it is very important for you to connect with all your fan and followers and keep them engaged.

Having studied and worked in the fashion industry, i am more inclined towards the women’s fashion retail industry and in telling how it works best for these designer based retail brands. Though its not an easy job to keep you fan and followers engaged and keep getting new fans and great feedbacks. In order to help you do that below are five major steps to improve and enhance your social media engagement:

1. Assist Where You Can 

Try and help your current or potential followers as much as possible. Share anything which you think would be helpful for your users. By doing theses things you will strengthen your relationship with your followers and will also help you build your social connections. if you are running a brand page for your fashion brand you should not only help your fan and followers with any assistance but also post feeds from the latest in the fashion industry in order to keep them up to date and engaged.

2. #Hashtags & more #Hashtags 


Hashtags can be used to start a trend and gain visibility for your brand. You can direct all your customers to these posts if they are interested in a particular subject. If you use a hashtag for a particular subject and asks others to use the same hashtag for sharing anything related to that subject, it will help advertise that hashtag for people searching on that particular subject.

It also is very helpful for hosting a contest, which is a great way to promote ones brand on social media. You can have people participate in the contest buy putting pictures or videos or buy answering any questions, all using the same hashtag and you can give them someting from your brand  maybe a small gift or a discount voucher to shop at your brand.

3. Be as Visual as Possible

Share as many videos and pictures not only of your products but also how they are made and the team involved in making them.You get your team in the forefront by posting and sharing anything interesting done by them. It is easier to get attention by visual images rather than by texts.

4. Be Personable

Share personal information about yourself and your brand. It will help portray a character to your audience and help in connecting with them. People want to see a real person behind any brand, which gives a personal touch to any brand.

5. Ask Questions and talk with your customers

You should always ask questions from people in order to get them engaged. Their participation will help promote your brand and get your brand more popular among their friends. Whenever you have a question coming from your customers make sure you respond to it.

Do tell us how well these five steps worked for you and feel free to leave any other comment!!!

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