How to Promote Your Fashion Products With Social Medid

Social-Media-PromotionIn the Fashion industry there is a lot of competition within the designer brands, like any other industry. Both startup and well established companies are mixing social media and e-commerce to get more sales. This article will not only tell you how others are doing, but will also tell you how you can do the same thing.

Combine Social Media & E-Commerce

Back in 2012, a lot of companies tried to mesh social media and e-commerce. Everyone fromGap to GameStop to JC Penney ended up closing their social media store. Being the simple fact that people were not ready to shop from Facebook or other social media platforms at that time. But now the times have changed companies are bringing back social e-commerce and linking them with sites likes Instagram and Pinterest, which look familiar to the users.


1. Link Product Photos With Product Pages

Talking about Nordstrom’s Instagram fans are looking for easy way to get their hands on the latest trends and products. When a fan finds something they like they leave a comment asking about it .Nordstorm has been responding to such comments on Instagram, they’re starting to send people to their new Pinterest – esque site that pulls in their Instagram product photos and links them directly to product pages.

Nordstrom links Instagram with e-commerce and its website

Nordstrom links Instagram with e-commerce and its website

Nordstrom created the site with Like2Buy (by Curalate) to partner e-commerce with their significant Instagram engagement. The result is an easier way for fans to buy the products they love right then and there.

How You Can Do It!!

If you have finances to invest, then you can try Like2Buy or look at Olapic. Olapic lets you republish user-generated photos within your site in various ways. But both the options are expensive.

For a reasonable option, you can create your own Pinterest-themed website for your e-commerce merchandise. Pinterest user Robin Good has handpicked a few of the best templates for WordPress from which you can choose.

2. Create a Familiar Space

The main motive behind any marketer who is working with their websites or social media profiles will be as to how to make money out of that.  For Example, Pinterest is a popular site, where people can easily find new ideas and organise their own into different boards. But one may not be able make money there. Therefore, social commerce site Wanelo has come up with a solution. They have designed a social shopping site which resembles Pinterest. But here users can not only collect there ideas and things they like , they can also very much buy them from the stores online , stores in turn sends a portion of each sale back to Wanelo.

Wanelo uses Pinterest’s easy tagging and collecting with smart e-commerce.

Wanelo uses Pinterest’s easy tagging and collecting with smart e-commerce.

How You Can Do It!!

There are plenty of photography collage-style themes out there that let you create individual galleries. You can use them to mix and match various products to create a whole set and link to your e-commerce shop.

The popular Sentinell theme allows for the same type of gallery function, but also holds YouTube and Vimeo clips if you’d like to incorporate video.

3. Use Customers’ Feedback

Fancy lets users find, collect and buy items from various companies. To set itself apart, it also offers a monthly box subscription (Fancy Boxes) that delivers gourmet food. The members help curate(via voting) the foods that show up in each month’s box. This leads to getting inputs from there customers and further they work on it, building their brand loyalty.

How You Can Do It!!

Use your website and social media profiles to ask your customers what they would like to see in next month’s edition. The Ultimate Modern Magazine theme for WordPress lets you assist and spotlight those products and further allows users to review and rate products. You can also advertise your products on a curation site and take advantage of their technology and traffic.

4. Include Customer Images on Product Pages

Talking about a fashion brand, BlackMilk, which sells women’s leggings. They asks their customers to post pictures of themselves wearing their products and tag the pictures before sharing them on Instagram or Facebook. This way, BlackMilk pulls the hash tagged pictures into their product pages so other customers can see how the clothing fits and looks on others. Bringing social proof to product pages is one more way to encourage visitors to buy.

Invite customers to share pictures of themselves using your product for added social proof.

Invite customers to share pictures of themselves using your product for added social proof.

To give product pages this look-book functionality, BlackMilk uses the Show. See. Sold add-on that works with the Shopify platform. The add-on lets users zoom, rotate, spin and filter products to see exactly what they want, as well as buy directly.

How You Can Do It!!

You can look into BlackMilk site as it has a lot of functionality that other e-commerce stores would be wise to notice and possibly implement. To add this kind of tech to your own site, there are plenty of Instagram plugins for WordPress that will show your tagged photos, as well as other users’ photos, in the sidebar of your website.

The above four changes once made to your site will help you see a great change in your business.  To see greater changes than this you can deeply study and explore what all is possible with the collision of websites, social media and e-commerce.

Have you tried this kind of things to promote your products on social media platforms? What tools have you used?Share with us your thoughts and feel free to comment!!

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Boost Your Social Media Engagement in 5 Easy Steps


If you want to increase your social media presence, you need to attract your target audience .This article tells you some steps to enhance your social media engagement. Social media is the best way to get your brand some visibility and a great audience, so it is very important for you to connect with all your fan and followers and keep them engaged.

Having studied and worked in the fashion industry, i am more inclined towards the women’s fashion retail industry and in telling how it works best for these designer based retail brands. Though its not an easy job to keep you fan and followers engaged and keep getting new fans and great feedbacks. In order to help you do that below are five major steps to improve and enhance your social media engagement:

1. Assist Where You Can 

Try and help your current or potential followers as much as possible. Share anything which you think would be helpful for your users. By doing theses things you will strengthen your relationship with your followers and will also help you build your social connections. if you are running a brand page for your fashion brand you should not only help your fan and followers with any assistance but also post feeds from the latest in the fashion industry in order to keep them up to date and engaged.

2. #Hashtags & more #Hashtags 


Hashtags can be used to start a trend and gain visibility for your brand. You can direct all your customers to these posts if they are interested in a particular subject. If you use a hashtag for a particular subject and asks others to use the same hashtag for sharing anything related to that subject, it will help advertise that hashtag for people searching on that particular subject.

It also is very helpful for hosting a contest, which is a great way to promote ones brand on social media. You can have people participate in the contest buy putting pictures or videos or buy answering any questions, all using the same hashtag and you can give them someting from your brand  maybe a small gift or a discount voucher to shop at your brand.

3. Be as Visual as Possible

Share as many videos and pictures not only of your products but also how they are made and the team involved in making them.You get your team in the forefront by posting and sharing anything interesting done by them. It is easier to get attention by visual images rather than by texts.

4. Be Personable

Share personal information about yourself and your brand. It will help portray a character to your audience and help in connecting with them. People want to see a real person behind any brand, which gives a personal touch to any brand.

5. Ask Questions and talk with your customers

You should always ask questions from people in order to get them engaged. Their participation will help promote your brand and get your brand more popular among their friends. Whenever you have a question coming from your customers make sure you respond to it.

Do tell us how well these five steps worked for you and feel free to leave any other comment!!!