There could be a definite chance that you must have not noticed the Retargeting marketing happening on different social medias, but i am sure you all have experienced it. It simply happens when you visit a particular site and the ads showing the products of that site keep appearing on your window, when you are browsing other things.

What is Retargeting?

It is one of the most popular strategy that would help the online retail brands. It basically lets your ads follow the people around the web, who have visited your particular website. For instance, the leather designer in New Zealand have their retail shops and online shopping on their websites too. The people who visit their website and go to their online shopping page are obviously interested in their brand or products, so once they leave the page , you can retarget them with ads with specific message convincing them to visit your website again.


Image Source : mediawheels.com

There are a couple of cost-effective ways in which you could do retargeting for your brand :-

Why should you use Retargeting for your Business?

One should use retargeting for their business as it helps in bringing back bounced traffic and customers who have abandoned their shopping carts and left your site. It is very useful for e-commerce companies but they are not the only ones benefitting from it. For instance, designer could use retargeting to increase traffic on their websites, so that more people get to know about them, their brand and the products offered by them. If the retargeting is done rightfully, it would also help in increasing the conversion rate for that particular designer brand.

Instead of explaining your products and brand to the viewers, in retargeting you can directly show them good deals and great stuff, forcing them to get back to your website and shop more.

Ways in which you can Retarget your viewers are:

  • Buy providing them free sample product with the purchase of their main product. For instance, if a buyer is buying a leather bag , you could give her a leather tassel charmer which could be hanged on the outside of the bag.
  • Provide discount on shipping or free shipping on the their purchase.
  • Cross-selling to your existing customers. For instance, people buying a leather bag from a particular collection, you could offer them a leather wallet from the same collection which would be a perfect match to their bag.
  • By creating general ads for all your website visitors and Remarketing them.

Have you tried retargeting for your business? If not, you should definitely give it a try. Do let us know how beneficial was retargeting for your particular business!

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